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About Us

What makes us the best choice…

YourSales Recruitment is a recruitment, talent acquisition and management company that is part of the ever-growing and innovative, YCG. Formed in 2019, YourSales quickly took the reins of a number of national accounts and provides an efficient, effective and enjoyable staffing experience to both job seekers and employers since 2019.


We know that a CV is important, but we also believe it is just a piece of paper and that’s why we have moved away from job boards, CV databases and mass email marketing and provide a unique digital experience that offers increased efficiency and effectiveness for our clients. Our digital model incorporates the finest artificial intelligence and bespoke machine learning algorithms into our day to day running of the business – the first of it’s kind within the industry.


Over the past two years we have become known for our exceptional capability and dedication to performing at exceptional levels. We have worked with both start up organisations through to Fortune 500 sized businesses, therefore understand specific business challenges and red-tape which might arise.

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Happy Customers

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