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About Us

What makes us the right choice…

YourSales Recruitment is a specialist SaaS headhunting firm, part of the ever-growing and innovative YCG. Formed in 2018, YourSales had a waiting list of SaaS companies who were looking forward to utilising our unique and innovative services.


Whilst most recruitment companies work against you, overselling candidates & pushing for feedback, YourSales works with our clients in partnership, building a long term strategy to support your recruitment strategy. We avoid job boards, preferring premium talent sourcing tools to ensure you get a higher quality candidate. Our premium tools incorporate ai into our day-to-day running of the business to improve efficiency and accuracy.


Over the past two years we have become known for our exceptional capability and dedication to perform at the highest standard. We have worked with hyper growth startups and international corporates.


We are more than a headhunting firm, we immerse ourselves within our clients growth, helping to build your brand online.

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