YourSales | Nervous for your upcoming interview? Read these TIPS…
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Nervous for your upcoming interview? Read these TIPS…

Nervous for your upcoming interview? Read these TIPS…

Interviews can be intimidating, and it’s completely normal to feel nervous before, as it can be a daunting experience. However, preparation is the key to having the best chance in your interview and it is a skill that can be practised, therefore the more you prepare, the better you will do.


Here are our top list of do’s & don’ts


The Do’s:

  • Do plenty of research & take time to get a feel for the company culture
  • Speak to your recruiter and find out why previous applicants have failed at interview stage
  • Have examples ready for typical interview questions
  • Confirm dress code with recruiter (don’t wear a suit if the client doesn’t wear them!)


The Don’ts

  • Not prepare – no matter how many interviews you have had, Preparation is key!
  • Do last minute research, transport planning or interview clothes shopping
  • Talk negatively about your previous employer
  • Do not initiate conversation about salary, holiday allowance or checks unless the client does.


If you’re interested in more of our tips, contact to get our full interview ‘Do’s & Don’ts” starter pack!