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Top Tips For Remote Interviews

Top Tips For Remote Interviews

The world’s workplace has shifted greatly within the past year, and that includes how we now interview and how you secure new job roles. Now 90% of workplaces require a remote interview in at least one part of their stages during the interview process, so it is essential to know how to adjust to a remote interview.

Here are our top tips to make the best impression remote:

  1. Look professional

Even though you’re at home dress as if you’re going to work (dress suitable to the companies dress code) and make ensure that your camera background is free of anything distracting, a plain wall background would be best and come across as the most professional.

  1. Come prepared

Arrive early to the interview; try to login 10 minutes early so you cn test that all technology (camera, microphone, Wi-Fi) is working properly to avoid any last minute problems. Also you may want to have a printout of your CV and any questions or important information you want to query or bring up.

  1. Switch off distractions

Switch off any alerts, alarms and chats and try to also avoid having interviews in loud/busy areas as it becomes very distracting to the interviewer.

  1. Show camera confidence

Be confident when speaking to your recruiter. Body language will pay a big importance, as they will be able to see how you express yourself. Try to speak directly into the camera, look into their eyes, and interact as much as you can.

  1. Stand Out During a Remote Job Interview

Along with all the above it is important to really communicate your understanding of the company and position and really elaborate on your answers to the interviewers questions.


We wish you the best of luck during your job search, and if you’re looking for a new job please contact us now to see our current vacancies.