YourSales | What is the Value of Customer Success?
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What is the Value of Customer Success?

What is the Value of Customer Success?

Obviously; businesses rely on sales and marketing teams to be prosperous!

However, my question is, in today’s climate, is this enough to sustain growth?

As our customer demands increase, how do we become more and more innovative to secure future business and create a high level of brand satisfaction?

Coming from a retention sales background in a previous life, I know the value of repeat business and keeping your current client portfolio happy.

Customer Success plays a vital part in this process creating an ongoing customer journey making the buyer feel like they are getting something that little bit extra, improving loyalty and promoting by word of mouth. Educating on all aspects of the products and services to make sure they are getting everything they can out of the purchase.

Investing within Customer Success provides an up and cross-selling platform and maintains high levels of service. When I talk to my current clients, the most successful ones are the ones who have good Customer Success Teams in place, supporting the current client base and not the ones solely focussed on new business every year. (The Churn)

Do you see the value of Customer Success?

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